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Tan Nguyen is a  veteran Law Enforcement officer who has been with the Roswell Police Department for over 8 years. He has been involved in CrossFit for approximately 8 years and received his CF-L1 certificate in 2023. If you attend one of his classes, you’ll be in for good music and high energy.

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"I love making CrossFit fun for beginner and advanced athletes, but be warned…I’ll push you beyond your limits."

Tan Nguyen

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Husband to a beautiful God-fearing wife since 2005. Father to 3 daughters Nora, Lucy, and Hazel. Police officer for 12 years and level 1 CrossFit coach since 2020.

CrossFit means more to me than just a fitness journey. It’s a way of harnessing the best out of life by challenging yourself and others around you. It will not only change your body, but it will change your mindset. To be truly healthy and fit both physically and mentally requires putting yourself through difficult, but achievable things. We do hard things for an hour a day, a few times a week, so the challenges we face in life don’t seem so hard.

Build a relationship with Jesus for your soul, and get a membership at CrossFit Kros for your health.

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Say hello to Daynette, but most people call her "Day".
She is a wife, mother, and small
Business owner. Day has been with CrossFit Kros since December of 2020, and before that, she had zero experience with CrossFit. She joined the box and fell in love! "It's not only the workouts that got me, but also the people. Everybody is so kind and encouraging!" Daynette received her Level 1 CF Certificate in October of 2022, which drove her to want to learn more about health and wellness. Desiring more education on what fuels the human body she decided to acquire her Level 1 Nutrition Coach certification during the month of April, 2023.

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"It's not only the workouts that got me, but also the people. Everybody is so kind and encouraging!"

Daynette Fenner

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Devon has been doing CrossFit since January 2022. Growing up doing dance and theater, traditional sports and exercise, were never on her radar. She went to Lubbock Christian University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance, but more importantly, met and married her husband, Kyle Bullock. They moved back to Roswell in 2014, and have two boys, Levi and Nathanael. She couldn’t be more thankful for the community at Kros and would encourage anyone who may feel intimidated by exercise or group fitness classes to step out of their comfort zone and take a class or two. You never know where it will take you!

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Meet Our Coaches: About
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