Sean Lewis
Sean Lewis

500lbs deadlift

Can lift a full size car(with a jack)

Can irritate my wife in 2 seconds flat


CrossFit Level 1

Burgener Weightlifting Level 1

ACE personal trainer

Masters of Business Administration


Sean Lewis

Hello, all my name is Sean Lewis a born-again Christian saved by a mighty Savior Jesus Christ. I am the husband of a beautiful and spicy bride Kayla Lewis. Father to the most dramatic daughter Adaline Lewis. I have been a jack of all trades master of none. I have worked in the military, law enforcement, automotive mechanics, and government. I have always loved fitness but never really honed in my practice until around 2015 when I started CrossFit. I have around 8 years of coaching experience and am learning every day. I know if you give me the chance I will do my best to get you healthier than before.
The turning point in my life was in 2013. I thought I was a Christian till my dear friend Galal asked if I was a good person. After that conversation God saved me and everything changed.
I love to help people achieve the things they never thought they could. When someone says " I can't do a pull-up, box jump, squat, etc. " I want to guide them into achieving these things and more. Our bodies are made to move. I love helping people remember just how great their bodies can function if they work hard.