Tami Hawley
Tami Hawley


CrossFit Level 1: 2014

CrossFit Level 2: 2019
9 years of CrossFit coaching experience


Tami Hawley

I started CrossFit at 39 1/2 to try something different and "crazy" before I turned 40, while I was still young, lol! After two months, I signed up for my first CrossFit Open, and right after that, I registered for my CrossFit Level 1 class. A decade later, I'm still here and in better shape than most people my age!

Working hard has never been a problem for me, but after my shoulder surgery, it was difficult to stay motivated to workout! It was frustrating not being able to do the WODs as prescribed or modifying them completely. After a couple of weeks, I changed my mindset. I decided that I wasn't going to focus on the movements I couldn't do and focus on the ones I could do! During my shoulder surgery recovery, I was able to build strength in my legs improve my balance, and achieve my goal of performing pistol squats!
My advice, keep showing up and great things will happen!

I coach CrossFit because I love helping others reach their fitness goals and there is no other program that takes you where you are and helps you learn how to gain and maintain fitness better! Nothing makes me cry more than to help my athletes achieve their goals: first pull-up, toes-to-bar, double under, or box jump! However, the only thing I require is that you perform the movement safely and correctly or you will hear the words "No Rep"!